Find Yourself In Nature: A Healing Journey

An experiential journey of living the question, “What does it feel like to be alive?” Beyond human-centric ideas of meaning-making, ego development and spiritual narcissism, this course invites us to wander deep into the forests of our hearts.

Find Nature In Yourself- Cohort 7

OUR Testimonials

This course will not look, sound or feel like any other course you have taken. It is provocative when you look at yourself. It is moving, as you weave your experience with others. It is profound as you let go into your true nature. It is magic and deep relaxation. Treat yourself and take it.
Treat yourself and take it.
Treat yourself and take it.Faith Fuller
During Ben’s course, I delighted in chewing on, wrestling, and dancing with each week’s new thread. The supportive weekly rhythm, deepened relationship with the land and others, as well as the overall content left me with a feeling of relief and freedom. I highly recommend this beautiful course.
Relief and Freedom
Relief and FreedomStana Luxford Oddie, ANFT Guide & Trainer
Ben’s “Find Yourself in Nature” course was a wonderful way to spend a summer. Story weaving is such an interesting and fun practice that really ignited some dormant creativity within me, and it was great to get to know the other people in the class on a deeper level through our weekly weaving sessions. I feel like a different person after these past two months, and I think I will return to the course material again and again.
I feel like a different person
I feel like a different personAllison Kitzerow
This course was a meaningful way to spend the last two months. I looked forward to each week with great anticipation. New connections within and with each other were made that will last my lifetime. So awakened in me in a safe container of sharing, vulnerability and connecting. Ben is gifted in his delivery of stimulating material that not only gets us thinking more deeply, but equally important getting us into our bodies to feel more deeply. I highly recommend this course.
Awakened in me in a safe container
Awakened in me in a safe containerSerena Vogel