Story Weaving: A Course for Facilitators

This course teaches a simple, yet powerful technique known as Story Weaving. Story Weaving is a community building exercise wherein people learn to harvest and incorporate the wisdom found in the stories of others. Story Weaving is also a practice of personal exploration that invites us to let go of narrative separateness and become enmeshed as part of an ecological world. In this way, Story Weaving represents an interwoven inward and outward journey: connecting us more deeply to ourselves by helping us recognize our fundamental interconnectedness.

Story Weaving is best thought of not as an individual modality, but as complimentary to other practices, such as forest bathing, mindfulness practice, nature connection, coaching, facilitation and many more. Due to its flexible format, Story Weaving provides a pathway of deepening into any experience. By learning to facilitate it, you’ll have another potent and heart-centered technique for your next retreat, seminar, class or even casual social event. Wherever there is community, Story Weaving can find its home.

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